Lesson Learned, I hope

MindfulnessPublished July 7, 2014 at 2:53 am

Why is it learning the hard way so common for so many of us? I have learned the hard way why being a “nice guy” has its down sides. Now I am not advocating being a jerk is a good thing, but read on for why being too nice can get you in trouble.

I had been blogging on average weekly since I launched this website when I formed On Belay Business Advisors Inc in the spring of 2006. I stopped blogging in 2012 when I founded ReThink Local  and was its first part time Executive Director (I was and still am blogging at www.rethinklocal.org/blog. Now that I am no long the ED, but an active board member it is time to get back to blogging here at On Belay. But wait you say, where all those 6 years of blog posts? Hence my hard learning.

Prior to starting ReThink Local I had a loose business partnership and had been working on a e-commerce website. My webmaster was from a former company of which I was co-owner and based in NYC. He was smart, talented and we got along well and he was willing to work at a very reasonable rate because he was going through a tough time in life. So far so good. Then I began to have serious problems with that quasi business partner (yes a probable future blog post). My cash was running out for this project and I made the tough decision to shut the whole thing down.

At this point I was involved with starting what was not yet named ReThink Local. Part of my strategic thinking was to have a social enterprise e-commerce site that was mission aligned to support the non profit. Since I had such a good relationship with my webmaster and he was very affordable it was my intention to keep working with him and I told him so. This is where my path starts to go dark. It had not yet occurred to me that my board would have a different point of view. Did I mention yet about learning the hard way. The ReThink Board at that time was so new it was not prepared to consider a social enterprise (2 years later it is growing much higher on our radar screen, wisdom does eventually win out). They denied my idea hence I had to let go my webmaster even though I had promised him work.

Even with my apologies he was furious. He deleted all 6 years of my blog posts and did some other annoying sabotage to my website. Finally my website is fixed and I am back to blogging. I could have avoided all the pain and discomfort had I not wanted to “save” someone. It is possible to help people along the path, but we are the only ones who can save ourselves. Now here is hoping the lesson is fully learned. Much of my work is helping you learn the lessons I have with less pain and suffering.¬† Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs that demands to learn the hard way, its much more profitable not to.

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