Looking for a Real Estate business refferal (and an executive too)

NetworkingPublished July 16, 2014 at 4:45 pm

One of my clients with which I have a deep interest is an emerging company with a proprietary finance product for group purchasing of real estate. What do I mean? We are seeking referrals to “intentional communities” such as co-housing communities, artist housing, eco-villages (farming and residential combined) to name just a few of the many types communities who would benefit significantly by learning about what we have to offer. For convenience sake we would love to hear about opportunities in New York State, the north east, but truth be told anywhere in the US will be fine.

Some examples of what we would love to hear about:

– A group that is formed and has identified land (or building), but needs help with a work able permanent finance option

-A land or building (think large old industrial building to be redeveloped) owner wanting to develop who needs help attracting a values aligned community who will need permanent financing

– A developer or builder who is excited to do an existing project idea with a single transaction exit (no retail marketing or carrying costs)

-There are many other possibilities

What we have is a highly innovative game changer for the right situation. We are actively looking for a proof of concept project. We will happily share fees and offer attractive teams for those who move us along the path to a completed project.

This blog is not the place to explain our product in detail other then to say please reach out and contact us, we are happy to have a much more in depth conversation with qualified opportunities. Unsure? Just reach out anyway, we love connecting with interesting people.

In my opinion this a huge opportunity to engage what I view as an amazing bridge from the old economy to the new economy and new path forward for sustainable development. Sometimes developing a property or building can be th e best way to save it. Please be proactive with contacting us with your leads, ideas and thoughts.

Also if you know any experienced finance professionals who on a sweat equity basis wants to get involved initially part time with fund raising, deal structuring and operational finance also please let me know. For the right person this can be a real life changer.

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