My personal relationship with large publicly traded companies.

B Corp LocalismPublished July 28, 2014 at 6:06 pm

As a leader in the Localist triple bottom line business movement. I thought I would air my own path to improving my own spending patterns.

The company I hate (I dislike the word hate and all it represents, but I use it intentionally here) dealing with the most is Time Warner Cable. Since they have have a monopoly I have no choice. I use them for my internet access, my non cell phone line and my TV. Having a monopoly they repeatedly have shown they don’t give a crap about me, their service is god awful. I pay for extra internet speed, but still find my speed slow. When I hear about how other countries treat the internet as a utility I get really upset at how here we place profit above people.

For my cell service I use Sprint. They may not be the good guys, but they have won several environmental awards and even those their service in this area is comparatively poor, I can access them through their marketing partner Credo whom I value their values. Most of my local progressive friends use AT&T or Verizon for their better coverage even though they each invest millions of dollars a year in direct opposition to my friends values. Choices can be complicated.

When I go food shopping I do 50-80% of my shopping at our wonderful local health food store. The balance I buy next door at the chain Stop & Shop. I can’t get everything at the health food store, but there is room for me to improve here. Whats so interesting about this routine is that I get to compare two different corporate cultures in a similar industry. At the health food store the young staff are bright friendly and very helpful making it a joy to shop there. The supermarket the staff are down trodden, sullen and unhelpful. The difference is palatable. And to my pleasant surprise the pricing is far from universally the same, I do find the pricing generally on par.

When my computer crashed I bought a new one from Dell. There is no local solution for buying many products like computers, cell phones, cars and many more. My experience with Dell involved service agents with very poor English no training and even less concern for me, down right painful.

Mt new car insurance is not with a local company, but the relationship is too new to have anything to report good or bad.

This post represents the large companies I routinely do business with. Although do find pricing often comparable, but even if it is bit more being treated as a valued human being by a company that shares my values too me is invaluable.

I can’t name a large publicly traded company that meets my criteria so I will continue to be a Localist supporting my local community as best I can.

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