Why I became a B Corp

B CorpPublished August 23, 2014 at 12:22 am

Here is why I am incredible proud to be part of a community of over 1000 leaders of innovative companies.

In 2007 during the holiday season I signed up to be one of the founding B Corps. I believe there were 87 that first year. Why? Since 1994 I have worked essentially with socially responsible businesses, social enterprises, green business business, sustainable business, conscious business, triple bottom line and localist businesses etc (non-profits too, but that is not relevant here). In the 1990’s and early 2000’s there were so few of us in the tribe, whenever there was an opportunity to connect I did. There was a deadline to beat, but truth be told I did yet have a deep understanding of all the possibilities I wanted to be anywhere my tribe was gathered. Back then there was no one here in the Hudson Valley active in the tribe, it was lonely.

Since that time I have truly come to believe being a Certified B Corporation is the future of business. I also believe the earlier you get on board the bigger the return. The B Lab team is smart, really smart, passionate with great skills and values. Wow. As it is commonly said of B Corps one of the benefits to their customers is they are good companies not just good marketing. Too many companies today try to BS consumers into believing they are good corporate citizens when are not. Having to pass a third party audit means you can believe a B Corps statements. Its proven transparent authenticity what can be better? Here is the link to my score HTTP://www.bcorporation.net/community/on-belay-business-advisors-inc David Brooks of the New York Times has refereed to the B Corp movement as one of the most important innovations (in general not just business) in recent times.

And what great tribe it is, whit such iconic companies as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, 7th Generation and over 1000 more from around the US and around the Globe. Personally as I have already blogged about I mostly am a localist and spend my money locally, but when my shopping leaves the Hudson Valley I prioritize my spending at B Corps. Lots of cloths from Patagonia and Go Lite.

To use the Social Venture Network tag line, my life’s passion is transforming the way the world does business. I feel blessed to be a B Corp, let me help you experience both the blessing and the financial benefits of being a member of the B Corp tribe.

PS In a future post I will explain more of the benefits of being a B Corp and how they are same same but different to New York Benefit Corporations (I am both).

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