The power of Patience for your business

MindfulnessPublished September 5, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Now let start out by saying patience is not a virtue that comes naturally to me. When my mind conceives of an idea, my mind want to manifest it immediately. Microwave oven’s are not nearly fast enough for my impatient mind.

Now lets discuss business effectiveness. When a possible client or business collaborator says I am swamped and shares the list of reasons why and then says call me in October. Their up front transparency suggest an honest interest in my proposed ideas and being patient till October is in my best interest. Bugging them sooner only serves my need but not theirs. Sometimes at the heart of our impatience is our own perceived need. If cash flow sucks, we are all motivated to close sales. Calling someone ahead of their requested schedule does nothing to improve our relationship with the proposed partner, it simple temporarily easees our fear at best and at worst harms a potentially important relationship.

These days it seems like most everyone complains about being too busy. Given my observation that most of us operate from a place of fear I have to believe vast of amounts of our busyness are fear past.

There are things in life we are meant to make happen. There are things in life we are meant to let happen. Wisdom is knowing the difference.

There is no easy follow up to my previous statement other then to say in the space I create by letting some things happen lots of other good things happen. So many of us in our fever pitch fear of economic insecurity claim we have no time for eating right, exercising or meditating.

When we let go and let go things come to us we create space for other valuable activities we previously ignored. The power of patience let it serve you today.

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