In order to achieve greatness, first define what it means to you. Being a super athlete, creating art for the world to admire or achieving financial stability and beyond – your choice – yours for the visioning!!

On Belay Business Advisors assists you in articulating your vision, helps you implement your mission and walks in tandem with you as you hone your dreams.

If you’re a family owned business, let’s start with “Sunday Dinner” and make sure the whole family agrees on the menu!

Minority owned business need to take advantage of their status to scoop up all the available services and economic development tools designed just for you.

Women owned business represent the fastest segment of new startup companies, yet only 3% of women owned companies ever achieve revenues of $1 million or more. We are committed to helping you exceed this vital benchmark.

Turnarounds, start-ups and companies in transition have voices – what you need is a reflective ear to listen critically and propel you into success.

The unique challenges facing the non profit world are intensely complex and require its leaders to be nimble, rigorous and communicative with its varied and diverse constituents. Getting better at managing doing good is the first bylaw in these challenging times.

Social enterprises exist in different forms, defined differently but always driven by the need to fulfill their mission with a conscious awareness of how their endeavors inform, enhance or improve people, plant and profits. So if you are:

A green business (
A Triple bottom line (People, Planet and Profit) company
A Socially responsible entrepreneur (
A B Corp (Proud to be a Founding Certified B CorporationTM (
A Conscious Capitalist (
A non-profit employer of disabled or disenfranchised people

Or a host of other wonderfully descriptive adjectives that describe your good work…

Welcome! We are ready to engage with you to polish your skill sets in anticipation of the need to increase your capacity to serve your enterprise:

Marketing and Communications– this is not, we repeat, rocket science, much as it sometimes sends us into a corner scratching our heads and mumbling, “what is this thing called marketing?” Our definition of marketing is “tell people what you’ve got in the clearest way you can, back it up with solid products or services with a plan to support your customers from presale through to happy customer and beyond.
Who you are, and how others see what you are up to is a serious matter. Everyone reacts to a good name, a clever tag line or a mission statement that evokes emotion. Now, how many of the aforementioned impress you with the business they represent. Not many. Let’s spend time making sure that you and your vision are clearly present in your brand, tag and mission! If so, you are among the few! If not, now is the time to make it happen!

On Belay Offers:
• Competitive analysis
• Branding strategy
• Market testing
• Program & services development
• Market- driven strategic planning
• Sales and marketing tactics
• Innovation and creativity support

Human Capacity – Here is where we begin to see just how easily we can fail to get out of our own way. How we hire, train and lead the people we rely on to get the jobs done is critical.

On Belay Offers:
• Leadership development
• Work/life balance
• Task management skills
• Job development, assessment and evaluation
• Change and culture management
• Team Building
• Problem solving and communications skills building
• Recruitment support

Structure and Support –The snapshot of how well you are doing is your financial statement. It is a tool, not an enemy! Knowing where you stand in relationship to your plan is the best way to jump over hurdles and keep out of fiscal distress. Once we agree that your vision informs your current ability to achieve the mission you have published, the real work begins.

Making sure that you have all the resources – people, material, space, supplies- get everything together and everything will come together!

On Belay offers:
• Values (CSR) monitoring and integration
• Financial performance reviews
• Budgetary processes
• Collaboration and joint venture strategies
• Stakeholder engagement
• Board development
• Exit or succession planning
• We connect you to needed resources locally and or globally

As we in the IIB say, Practical advice that works! Contact us today.