Ajax Greene is a well known and respected serial social entrepreneur/CSR evangelist/ trusted generalist business advisor/global connector of confidential business transactions.

Ajax has turned his abundant creativity, talent and positive energy to  building organizations and a community that expresses a deep commitment to being conscious of the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. As a former world class rock climber and adventure athlete he understands commitment, drive and vision!

Ajax has deep experience leading and advising organizations from in a wide variety of industries from fitness to pharma, from retail to manufacturing from clean tech to e-commerce. Doubling one company’s gross revenue while more than doubling profits, personally generating 70% of a start up manufacturer’s revenue, award winning marketing programs, building highly regarded world class teams and industry changing strategic thinking are what Ajax can bring to you and your organization.

Ajax is an accredited associate of The Institute for Independent Business ( ) and a long time member of the Social Venture Network ( ).

As accredited associates of the IIB say, for practical advice that works, call Ajax today.