Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision: On Belay Business Advisors provides practical support for leaders to propel themselves and their organizations into a more conscious and sustainable future.

Our Mission: Insuring that our clients reap the rewards of being socially responsible and planet-aware as prosperous ventures is our path.

Our Values:

  1. Passion: Our abundant and positive energy is brought to all that we do and is shared with all the people we interact with. Work should be a positive and inspiring experience for everyone.
  2. Commitment: We seek to be the very best at all we commit to accomplish and adopt our clients’ interest and objectives as our own.
  3. Innovation: Utilizing our forward thinking and cutting-edge work processes, we commit to achieving important and useful results.
  4. Ethics: Truth and transparency are the foundation of all our stakeholder interactions. We strive to live up to the highest ethical standards.
  5. Advocacy: We actively promote that all organizations in addition to being prosperous pursue their work in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and life affirming for all people.
  6. Multi-stakeholder model: We aspire to have all our stakeholders experience our values. This includes all clients, employees, vendors, the communities where we live and work, the environment and the planet as a whole.
  7. Financial Sustainability: By being profitable, we are sustainable as a business, and we can achieve our goal of significant philanthropy to organizations we are passionate about. Only if we and our clients survive and thrive as businesses will we make progress on our values.


  • On Belay is committed to having a majority of our suppliers, vendors and contractors that are as committed to corporate social responsibility as we are (fellow certified B Corps, Green America Business Network members and Members of the Social Venture Network etc). In addition we prefer to buy “Local First” when possible. Along with our vendor/supplier/contractor commitments we have a deep commitment to diversity which includes doing business with the GLBT, people of color and people with disabilities communities, including woman and veteran owned companies.
  • We believe in giving back to our communities and donate 1% of our time to charities with which engage our passions. Current and past organizations have included the Town of Gardiner Ethics Board, Sustainable Hudson Valley, Social Venture Network Standards Committee and the Gunks Climbers Coalition.
  • We donate 2% of gross revenue to organizations we feel passionate about.
  • Each year we strive to improve our environmental performance over the year before.